Name: Cody Sterling

Titles: Co-founder of Grenades and Goblins, Twitch streamer, Video Producer

Aliases: SubliminalCheese, Cheese, Nerd, Atarraxia, Rax, Cheeser

I began my gaming career at an early age when my video game loving father bought the family an NES, followed by the SNES. From a young age video games were a common family activity and bonding environment for the Cheese household. The Game Boy Color, and Pokémon often had me in trouble at school as well because let’s face it, that was the shit in middle school.

Owning all of the Sony offerings of Playstation, I fell in love with Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat, the Madden Franchise, and Medal of Honor as well as Call of Duty. Many sleep overs and late night into high school were centered around split screen Call of Duty battles.

Chasing a career and love Cheese relocated from PA to NC in 2011 and took a break from video games. When 2014 came around, I became interested in the streaming and video world in tandem with my purchase of his PS4. I started a modest stream with friends on on the channel that would become what is know today as SubliminalCheese. During this time I met 2 lifelong friends and creative partners. ItsNerdTime and CrewtownJawn.

Now the sole streamer of Subliminalcheese the name has become almost a persona and personality.

Still an avid streamer of a variety of games ranging from Civ V to the Witcher to Rocket League, Cheese enjoys content creating for YouTube most of all.Some of his offerings are a video centered around pairing beer with video games called Beer & Cheese, a series centered around being mad at video games called the Salt Sessions, and a new series in vlog style about his travels called A Road Trip With Subliminalcheese.

Quotables: “I sat down here to poop while I was watching the stream and I’ve decided I’m never getting up again”

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