Name: Gregory Teplitsky

Aliases: WayneGregzky, GDG

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food:

Five Games that encapsulate what you play: Zelda OOT, Hearthstone, Assassins Creed, Halo 3, Super Mario Sunshine

What does G&G mean to you?: G&G is all about giving back to a community I grew up with, talking about games, discussing their design and striving to bring to light the positives and negatives of the industries products. Games for me have always been a shared experience, and sharing them with the guys of G&G and our viewers, is an awesome way to play and enjoy one of my favorite hobbies.

My first game ever was SM64, I couldnt beat the first star at 5 years old, and my dad helped me, from there I beat that game over 20 times as a kid, and replicated with Zelda OOT. I played tons of adventure games on PS2 and NGC, and then got into shooters on XB360. I like open world games that still have a linear powerful narrative and always seek them out. Hearthstone is my big outlier, I am largely addicted to its mathematical roots as well as its strategy and deck building, I have hit legend 5+ times and this lead me into twitch. I’m not much of a streamer but I’ll hop on occasionally. I am more into video production as well as being a caster for Hearthstone tournaments in the Mid-West.

Fun Facts:
Buffalo Homer, Sports Junkie, Vape Nation Repper, Poor at tying shoes.

Find WayneGregzky: Twitch | Twitter