Name: AG Acker

Titles: Co-founder of G&G, Media Management, Video Producer, Knight of the Carb Table

Aliases: ItsBreadTime, Bread

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Food: Pizza, Sushi

Five Games that encapsulate what you play: Pokemon Red/Blue, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, SSX 3, The Witcher 3

What does G&G mean to you? – Video games have always held a special place in my heart. I grew up an only child, happily. When you grow up as an only child, you often find yourself needing to use your imagination to entertain yourself. Legos, Hot Wheels, Action Figures, and of course Video Games let me delve deep into other experiences — Other worlds. I still remember my first gaming experiences – Jumpstart/Fisher Price Computer games, A simple snowboarding game on my mother’s Nokia cell phone, Pinball on longhaul roadtrips with my dad, my Super Nintendo, and of course my Gameboy. I will never, ever, forget opening my birthday present with Pokemon Red and a purple Gameboy Color.

As I aged, my tastes did as well. I played sports. Football, and baseball took up more of my time. School, and friendships, too. But no matter what was happening in my life, games were ever present. I played Goldeneye on N64, and Agent Under Fire/Nightfire on the PS2. I loved sports games like ESPN 2k5, and SSX. In high school I found myself caught in the Call of Duty craze, even fielding a team to #1 on the ol’ Gamebattles ladders a few different times. Humble beginnings to the e-sports craze back then. I remember looking at Capture Cards online to try and figure out if I could record footage to catch cheaters. I was so close, closer than I imagined to realizing what I wanted to do with my future.

Fast-forward a bit, and here we are. Grenades and Goblins is a dream of mine. I want to find my own corner of this industry to make my own. G&G represents that. I want to meet industry leaders, developers, and enthusiasts like myself and have conversations, not only about industry chatter, but about games, and what they mean to all of us.

Systems Owned: SNES, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Gameboy Color/Advance, Nintendo 3DS, Sega Genesis, PC

Quotables: “You shouldn’t fear the thunder, you should fear the lightning ” Bread Michaels of Poison

“Yo, dude, shit in this tortilla”

“I’m just gonna talk out of my ass, like I always do.”

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